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Raf & Grace Own Label Jackets

Raf & Grace Own Label Jackets

Raf & Grace Own Label Jackets

We are so excited to be launching our new Spring own label product in early February. We have been woking hard to find dead-stock fabrics through our factory in India. Fabrics that are left over and could end up as landfill if they were not utilised to make garments. 

We are super happy with our new quilted jackets. We picked two very unique fabrics. A crazy 80's colourful geo print and a more subtle print that is easier to wear. These jackets are designed to wear with all outfits for all occasion's. Brightening up the most simple of looks. Lightweight with wadded quilting. Perfect as we transition through Spring and into Summer. These jackets are season-less and time-less. The ultimate hard working wardrobe piece that will work with you year after year. 

These jackets are part of a small and slow production run working with the dead-stock fabrics we found (less than 20). So unique you wont see everyone else wearing them! We hope you love them as much as we do. 


Raf & Grace