Recycled & Dead Stock Sari Silk Garments

Many of our garments are made from recycled and deadstock sari silk fabrics. What does this mean ? 

The suppliers we work with in Northern India source these sari silks from all over India. They piece together the discarded sari silks and deadstock fabric. The small factory in India then piece together the fabrics in some cases panelling the different fabrics together to make the garments. Each garment they make is totally unique. 

Due to the nature of the fabric and how the garments are manufactured by repurposing the fabrics there can be imperfections in the fabric. Each garment does tell its own story and in buying these garments you are supporting this small factory in Northern India and preventing these beautiful fabrics from going to landfill. The fabrics with vary from garment to garment and there may be some small imperfections in the fabrics due to the nature of the products. 

The composition is on average 80% silk and 20% polyester however this can sometimes vary and be a viscose blend. Please look after this stunning repurposed and one of a kind garment. Wash it separately on a cool hand wash. Love it. Wear it. Enjoy it. Nobody else has one like yours!