One Of A Kind Garments

One Of A Kind Garments

One Of A Kind Garments

Buying a one of a kind garment made from recycled and dead-stock fabrics is the opposite to buying fast and high street fashion. Why ? 

Firstly the fabrics used to make the garments are fabrics that would have ended up as fashion landfill. Being discarded and wasted. These sari silk fabrics have been sourced in Northern India. Pieced and panelled together to make garments. 

Secondly the end result the garment made is unique. We rarely find enough of one print to make two garments. The fabrics are panelled together to make a complete garment. 

Due to this process our fabrics and fits will vary a little. This is all part of the beauty of the garments. They are not mass produced like the high street is. Each dress, its fabric and print has its own story to tell, 

Your garment is one of a kind enjoy it and look after it.


Raf & Grace