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Sell With Us

Unlock the potential you have in your wardrobe of items you no longer wear. We are looking for sellers. So how does it work ? 

  • You apply to us via with the types of items you would have to sell. 
  • Once we have agreed to work together and that your items are right for our website then we will take the items from you (via post or local drop off). 
  • We will photograph and list the items on our website and social media channels. Selling prices will be mutually agreed. 
  • We will manage all the communication with the end customer and take payment for the item. Then we will pack and ship the items to the customer. 
  • We will take a % off the retail price of the garment  paying out within 28 days of the sale being made. 
  • All unsold garments after 12 weeks will be given back to the seller. There will be an opportunity to reduce the selling price of the garments within this time period and even extend the 12 week selling period. 

This really is an opportunity for the items in your wardrobe that you no longer wear to gain a second life rather than them be left unworn and forgotten about. All items must be of a great quality. We are not snobby about brands here at Raf & Grace, however Zara is the lowest market level we will take. We will take all clothing types and sizes along with shoes and accessories. 

So if this model appeals to you please get in touch! 


Raf & Grace